Meet the Man who brought 4X Heaven to life.

Your all American automobile enthusiast. He and his wife, Margaret, have built this establishment from almost nothing and turned it into a dream come true. For more than 30 years he has dedicated his life and knowledge into this shop and it shows. Proving that hard work and determination really does prevail. 4X Heaven has been a staple in our small town of Gloversville, but it doesn't stop there, 4X Heaven is known all around New York and even in different states. People make the drive from all over just to have 4X Heaven under their hood. He has made countless friends and life time customers who trust and depend on his work and experience. Just goes to show you how far you can really go being a humble honest man.



She has been working here in the front office of 4X Heaven for almost 11 years. Sandy is a professional when it comes to getting you the answers you need for all the questions you ask about your vehicles.

She has been the friendly voice over the phone and the first face you might see when stopping by our shop. Everyday she comes in bright eyed and bushy tailed and gets the job done.

Her favorite part of her job is her customers. After 11 years she has made very close relationships with regulars and enjoys helping everyone.

Outside of the shop she enjoys spending time with her husband and children. She has two sons, her youngest, Jesse, who still attends school and her oldest, Victor, who is proudly serving our country in the Army. Technically you can say she has 4 kids if you want to count her giant English mastiff ,  George and her beagle, Jenny-Lynn.

Sandy has a big heart and it shows.




Hello my name is Chelsie.

I work here in the front office of 4X Heaven; answering phone calls and social media questions at 4X Heaven.

I do most of the online advertising and keep all of our pages updated with the latest news, deals, offers and more.


  I have worked here for just under a year so I am a fairly new crew member here at 4XHeaven.


I love that I can be creative here at 4X Heaven and share my ideas and thoughts freely with my co-workers. I like to take the time to meet the needs of all our customers and make them feel at home here in this garage. Helping you stay connected and updated using social media is fun and helpful to everyone. So any ideas and feed back are always welcome.


When I am not here at 4X Heaven, I am at home caring for children and family or working a second job. Summer is my favorite season.  My family and I love doing outdoor activities and soaking up the sunshine. 

Thanks for stopping by and nice to meet you.


Here at 4X Heaven we want you to know and trust the people working under your hood.




Mike has been an automotive mechanic here at 4X Heaven for 12 years in February.

His favorite part about working here is all the different people he meets everyday.


Other than being here working on vehicles, when Mike goes home he enjoys spending time with his wife and dogs. He actually likes dogs quite a lot, and has 4 of them. Gunner, Emily, Tinky, and Shadow. Such cute names for those pups!


Mike also loves discovering new local breweries, which sounds like a lot of fun!  Mike doesn't always get a chance to meet customers who come into our shop, so it's nice that he can use our Meet the Crew to introduce himself and tell you a few things about himself.


Here at 4x Heaven we want you to know you can trust the mechanics working on your vehicle.  Let us be your local car repair shop, and if you see Mike say hello!


Uriah is one of 4X Heaven's certified professional Krown Technicians and he loves coming to work!


Uriah's favorite part of working here at 4X Heaven is getting to see all the different varieties of vehicles that come by and get a Krown Rust Application. He takes his time when treating the vehicles and he does his best to make sure it's perfect. He cares a lot about the quality of his work and takes pride in making sure the job has been done right.


Other than being a full time Krown Technician, Uriah is a husband, and father of two.  He enjoys spending time with family. So not only does he take good care of your vehicle in the shop, he takes good care of his family at home.



Drew is one of our top Krown Rust Technicians. He has been a part of 4X Heaven's team for just over a year now, and he loves his job. He is also certified and skilled at his job. Giving you the service you would expect from a trained professional.  Always happy and chipper.

His favorite part of the job is seeing the different vehicles and customers coming to the shop for work or a Krown treatment.  He likes to educate people about the virtues of spraying vehicles and equipment with Krown Rust Protection.

He loves hiking and fishing and being outside in the summer sun. If you ever see Drew give him a "hello" and I guarantee you're going to be greeted back with a smile.




             MON: 8AM-6PM

            TUES: 8AM-5PM

            WED: 8AM-6PM

            THUR: 8AM-5PM

            FRI: 8AM-6PM

            SAT: 9AM-NOON

             SUN: CLOSED

(518) 725-1203


With the experience and the expertise of our trained mechanics and Krown Tech Specialists we offer you the best services for your vehicles.



- Krown Rust Prevention

- 4 Wheel Drive Repairs

- Lift Kits, Tires, & Wheels

- Car & Truck Repairs

- Driveshaft Repairs

- Differential Repairs

- Transfer Cases

- NYS Inspections

- Accessories


221 West Fulton Street, Gloversville, NY, 12078

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