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SnowDogg® MDII Snow Plow with RapidLink™
For ½ Ton Trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs

Low Maintenance Blade
The corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel moldboard never needs paint. A robust frame spreads impact
across the blade to reduce wear on vital components.
• Full-length 1-3/8 in. cross tube
• Six 3/16 in. laser-cut steel ribs
• 3/8 in. steel cutting edge

Ultra Bright LED Light Option
SnowDogg Illuminator™ LED Headlights are brighter and longer lasting than traditional
halogens. Active Defrosting Technology™ keeps the Illuminators ice-free even in the biting cold
- a central heat source defrosts the entire lens evenly, preventing the streaking or banding
that's common with other LED plow lights.
SnowDogg HX High Intensity Halogens are also available.

Quick and Easy Attachment
Mount and dismount in one minute or less with the new RapidLink™ Attachment System.
• Center-mounted drop foot props up your plow on any surface with the pull of a handle
• Hydraulically powered Jack Switch™ adjusts your plow's mounting height on the fly so
it's easy to line up with your vehicle
• Connects to your truck with a single driver side foot pedal

Clean, Even Scrape
The tubular steel Floating A-Frame features a sliding-pin connection so the plow contours the
ground for a clean, efficient scrape. Outstanding performance at any mounting height.

SnowDogg MDII ( Call for pricing and installation )

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